Stop Manually Entering Loads &

Get Connected!

Load Flex has built in support for every EDI transaction that your partner needs, 204 (Load Tender), 990 (Accept Tender), 214 (Status Updates) and 210 (Tender Invoice).

Everything, works right out of load-flex, no need for 3rd party software.

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Create & Split Loads

Need to bring a load to the yard before delivering? No problem, Load Flex allows you to split loads making it easy to put multiple drivers, vehicles, or trailers on a single load.

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Easy & Fun Driver Route


With load flex you can plan days in advance, with an easy to use drag-n-drop scheduler.  Easily see what drivers have capacity and dispatch with confidence.

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Need to keep up with your trailers? No problem, Load Flex allows you to easily create loads, and plan your trailers all from an easy to use drag-n-drop interface.

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Extend Legs Easily


Dispatch gives you the ultimate control over how your loads are delivered.  With a real-time interface, you can easily manage your drivers and their current assignments.

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Schedule Your Trailers

Load Settlements

As loads are completed, Load Flex will use its rating engine to automatically generate an invoice.  Here you can easily manage billed miles as well as send collected documents to your customers.

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Contextual Messaging

Minimize clicking around the app and get to the point.  With contextual messaging in Load Flex it allows you to easily communicate with your staff or drivers and perform quick actions based on what the conversation is about.  

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Automated Settlements

Load Flex allows you define pay methods, variables and rate sheets to automate both customer invoicing and driver payroll.  Once configured, you'll have so much more time to focus on what you do best!

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Full Accounting Suite

Load Flex has a built-in accounting suite that allows you to keep up with your numbers directly in load flex. Transaction accounts allow you easily manage exactly where your money is coming and going.  Accounts receivables, accounts ageing, profit & loss and much more will give you great insight to your company's performance.

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